About Leather

There are some difference between Leather (our number is 613, 635 and so on) and Oiled leather (our number is KW21, KW13, and so on).

One is how to tan a hide.
Leather is usually tanned by some heavy metals.
But Oiled leather is tanned by tannin which is natural ingredient.

And the other thing is how to paint.
Leather is painted by some pigments, but oiled leather is dyed (not painted by chemical).

So, oiled leather is much more natural material and you can enjoy the feeling of original leather.
And oiled leather is much rare than some usual leather.

However, oiled leather have some weak points.
1. There are some original scars and stains.
We cannot hide because we don't use some chemicals for tanning and painting.
But these scars and stains are the proof of natural.
2. Their color become having some spots or dapples sometimes. This is also the proof of natural material.
3. Their color turns to discolored. But you can feel and enjoy the oiled leather's tasteful character.
4. Sometimes, the color of oiled leather stains your clothes (when you sweat, or cause of some humidity).

So, please understand about below:
Tanned leather and oiled leather have some scars and pores because it is natural.
We check the every hide before we cut, and use only allowable ones.
Therefore, we do not accept claims for the scars, stains, spots, pores, and so on.
Please explain to customers about the character of tanned leather and oiled leather in advance.